Sailfish OS 4.2.0 Verla new features

sailfish os 4.2.0

There are a lot of obvious changes in the new version of Sailfish OS. Sailfish OS 4.2.0 is nicknamed as Verla. The name Verla comes from the site Verla that stands for Unesco World Heritage. Verla is a UNESCO World Heritage site that captures an interesting phase of development in Finland’s history. Sailfish Os always stands for security and has a great UI.

Sailfish OS is a Linux-based operating system based on free software, and open source projects such as Mer as well as including a closed source UI. The project is being developed by the Finnish company Jolla. The OS is shipped with the Jolla smartphone and tablet and from other vendors licensing the OS.

New Features of Sailfish OS 4.2.0

Easier sharing

On the earlier version of sailfish, the interface for sharing content can only be found on the respective apps. Now, this has been revised and sailfish os 4.2.0 offers a system pop-up for selecting sharing method. It will be possible to use API for third-party apps to use sharing functionality in the app in the future. And it helps reduce many authorizations and makes it more secure.

Improved App grid

This new feature is called Sticky App grid. Now you only need to pull up the grid until the desired app is visible. Earlier, the app grid had to be pulled up to the top edge of the display.


The browser is also revised. Only minor changes have been made. It now allows the individual definition of the download folder. And small adjustments to the side menu and side list.


There are no major changes in the camera. HDR features for cameras are still under development.

SandBox soon to be mandatory

Soon Sandbox will be mandatory. Sandboxing of applications was there from February delivery. The apps tested have given good results.