How to Ping on Discord

ping discord

Discord is one of the best platforms to accommodate a large number of users. It can accommodate up to 8000 members. and that’s huge. When a community has a large number of people it is hard to gain attention, so to overcome this issue we can ping the discord member in discord.

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Ping is not limited to users, we can also ping specific roles in the server. There are usually multiple moderators in discord. So instead of pinging all individual moderators, we can tag that particular role and every moderator will get to know your request or message.

Now let’s see how to ping on Discord. There are two ways to ping a user in Discord.

  • Ping Using Name
  • Ping Using the Player Tag

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a) Ping Using Name

Just like in other social platforms we can easily ping any user or any particular role by typing @[name of the user/role]. If there are multiple people with the same name then we will get a drop-down list with all the users and select the user we want to ping.

user name in discord

Discord allows us to keep nicknames for a particular user or server. We can use the same way to ping users with their nicknames.

b) Ping Using the Player Tag

In the worst-case users can have the same names and also the same nicknames. In such cases, we tend to make mistakes if the user is not a known face or a new user. Every user in the discord has a unique id which is a combination of a unique name + tag. We can find the user tag right next to the name. For Example ABC#123 – #123 is your tag.

player tag in discord

When there are more than 1000 users it would be hard to pick a particular user with a username. The probability of making mistake is high. In such conditions using a player, tag is the better choice. In mobile discord, we just click on the name of the user and ping them.

Usually, all Discord servers used to have rules. And the members in the servers are supposed to follow that. Doing unlawful activities and putting unwanted pings can make authorities kick out or ban you from the server. So make sure only ping when necessary.

Do Not Disturb

If you get a lot of unwanted pings. Then you can get rid of that. In discord, there is a feature called Do Not Disturb. You can set your status to Do Not Disturb, then users can’t ping you. we can use this feature when it is necessary.

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What is Discord?

Discord is a VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol), Instant messaging Platform. The users can communicate through voice calls, video calls, text messages, share media and files in private and community chats. Communities or groups are called servers in discord. Servers are a collection of persistent chat rooms and voice chat channels. Discord is available for almost all platforms. Discord has over 250 million registered users as of December 2020 and over 140 million monthly active users.


  • Servers
  • Channels
  • Direct Messages
  • User Profiles
  • Video calls and Streaming
  • Digital Distribution.

You can download Discord from discord’s official website

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