How to add Kali Linux Tools on Ubuntu [Katoolin]

How to add Kali Linux Tools on Ubuntu [Katoolin]
How to add Kali Linux Tools on Ubuntu [Katoolin]

Katoolin is a script that allows the installation of Kali Linux Tools on Ubuntu and other Linux distros. Katoolin is written in python and it is available on Github for free. This is the best way to install Kali Linux Tools on Ubuntu and use it on Ubuntu.

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What is Kali Linux?

Kali Linux is a Debian-based distro. It is mainly used for digital forensic, penetration testing, and to audit computer security in general. This distro has around 600 tools that can be used for penetration testing and digital forensic. Kali Linux is the same os that is being used for hacking, that we watch in movies and web series.

If you are not using Kali Linux and you still wanted these tools in your operating system then you should install Katoolin.

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How to Install Katoolin?

Install Katoolin from the official Github Repo.

Now open the terminal and run the commands below.

sudo su
git clone && cp katoolin/ /usr/bin/katoolin
chmod +x /usr/bin/katoolin
sudo katoolin

Once the installation is completed, launch Katoolin using the command below.

sudo katoolin

Once the program is launched, there will be 5 options to choose from. Using the above option we can install Kali Linux tools on Ubuntu.

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Install Kali Linux Tools

In order to prevent any errors, make sure that there is no duplication. Check the sources.list. If you find any, then remove those. Or else this will cause problems while updating the repository.

First, we will proceed with adding repositories and updating them. For that, we will start with option ‘1’.

Then to add Kali Linux Repo choose Option ‘2’.

To view the Sources.list choose ‘4’.

Then Update. For that choose ‘2’

Use the back keyword to go back.

To Install Kali Tools, choose ‘2’ to view Categories and we can install the specific tool we want.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 7.jpg

Then You will get a list of categories of tools and we can choose from that.

From the above list choose a category and install the desired tool.

Once the tool is installed you are ready to use it. And if you wish to install all tools in a while, then choose the option ‘0.

If you want to install the Kali Linux menu. You can install it from the home menu. It will be very useful in finding and navigating the tools.

Kali Linux Tool Menu

Now you have successfully installed Kali Linux Tools on Ubuntu.

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