Change Discord Background, Add Themes, Plugins

change discord background

Discord is one of the great platforms for communication. Often people spend a lot of time in Discord for many reasons. It is boring to see the same theme again and again. It would be great if we can change the discord background. But sadly Discord doesn’t allow to change background or any kind of customization. Surprisingly we can change discord background, read the full article to know more. You can only set two themes in discord with a dark theme or a light theme. If you don’t know how to set this dark and themes here are the steps :

-> Settings



->Select either Dark or Light

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If you already know this, and you want something more. Don’t worry you are in the right place. Adding Themes, Changing discord background, and adding plugins are possible. But these customizations can’t be done on the official discord. All these problems can be resolved using a tool called BetterDiscord.

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BetterDiscord is a discord enhancement project. It extends the functionality of Discord by enhancing it with new features. Actually Better Discord is a client modification version of Discord. It offers many features that official discord doesn’t give. Let’s see what are the out of the box features :


  • ThemesThemes allow you to completely customize your client with CSS. You can either make your own theme, or download the wide variety of themes from our community.
  • PluginsBetterDiscord comes with a builtin plugin loader and plugin API. Plugins can increase the functionality and user experience of the app through JavaScript. Write your own or download plugins made by the community.
  • Twitch EmotesUse your favorite BTTV and FFZ emotes in discord chat with other BD users.
  • SecurityAll plugin updates from our official repo are manually verified for malicious code.
  • CSS EditorBetterDiscord comes with a live CSS editor for debugging and basic UI tweaking.
  • Developer UtilsFeatures for developers such as utility classes and a Plugin API come out of the box.
  • TransparencyEnable transparency and use a transparent theme for a see-through window.
  • Public ServersExplore communities from directly through your client.

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Install BetterDiscord

1.) Download BetterDiscord from the official GitHub page of BetterDiscord ->> Download BetterDiscord

BetterDiscord Github page

2.) Select the appropriate version.

3.) Run the downloaded Installer. Accept the agreement and click next.

4.) Click on Install BetterDiscord

5.) Choose Discord. If the option shows not found then browse the file from the installed location.

6.) Then Click on Install. Once the installation is done. You are ready to use BetterDiscord.

Download Themes in BetterDiscord

Once you have installed BetterDiscord. Now we install themes or change the discord background.

We can download Themes from BetterDiscord website =>> Download Themes

The downloaded theme file will be a CSS document. And Installing the theme is quite easy.

BetterDiscord Themes

Installing theme in Discord

  • Go to Discord Profile an open settings.
  • On the bottom left sidebar of settings, under Bandaged BD we will see Theme tab and click on themes.
  • Click and Open Theme Folder.
  • Now copy the downloaded css document and paste it in the theme folder.
  • Now click on the option for applying background.
  • And Turn on the switch to change the discord background.

Installing Plugins in Discord

We can download a lot of plugins from BetterDiscord website ==>> Download Plugins

Just like we installed the theme first download plugins from the website and copy the plugin and paste it into the plugin folder. That’s it.

Note: Once copying and pasting themes or plugins is done,Then you might get a pop upm asking to install mew library ->> Click on Download now and make sure you enable that.

Now we can install themes and change discord background and also install plugins that can help our workflow in many ways. Enjoy and let us know bout your experience in the comment session below. Thank you and have a nice day

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FAQ from BetterDiscord

Is BetterDiscord safe?

BetterDiscord contains no malicious code, nor does it collect any meaningful user data without your knowledge. The source code for both the client mod and installer are freely available for anyone to view on GitHub.

Can discord detect if I am using BetterDiscord?

BetterDiscord runs entirely clientside, and discord has no clientside checks for such modifications. Even if they did, discord has not been known to ban for client modding, nor has there ever been a proven ban case for client modding alone. Using unofficial plugins which utilize server-side API calls can get your account flagged for selfbotting, however.

How safe are themes/plugins?

Plugins should be treated like any other program installed on your computer. They have direct access to both your account and filesystem. All plugins from our official repository are checked for malicious code and must follow our guidelines. Anything downloaded outside of this website is out of our control. Themes are for the most part harmless and pose no threat to you.

Is this against the terms of service?

Yes. BetterDiscord violates Discord’s terms of service by modifying the client, although there is no evidence that discord either cares or takes actions against users who modify their client. Your account is not at risk for simply using BetterDiscord alone. Abusing the service or using plugins that further violate the Terms of Service can get your account terminated, however. All plugins from our official website are safe.

Can BetterDiscord get me banned?

As mentioned in the last question, discord does not hand out bans for simply using BetterDiscord. If you abuse the service to further violate discord’s policies, you risk account suspension.

Read more FAQs from the BetterDiscord website