Best Screen Recorders for Linux

Best Screen Recorders for LINUX linuxstro
Best Screen Recorders for LINUX linuxstro

Video recording on desktop PCs falls short in capturing the best moments you may have wanted to share with your friends and family. But if you’ve ever tried to record gameplay from your computer, then you know it’s not always the easiest thing to do. This article is going to be a quick tips guide for a few different things that will help bridge the gap between what you see on your screen and what someone else sees when watching your recording.

Screencasts are quickly becoming one of the best ways to learn and share an experience online, but there are many different screencasting options for Linux. Most Linux distributions come with one or more screencast applications installed by default, but not all of them provide a seamless user experience. Here’s a quick guide to pick out the best screen recorder for your needs.


Kazam is a very lightweight screen recorder available only for Linux. It is open-source software. Kazam doesn’t have many features to confuse, It simply does its job. This software has a simple interface and lacks tweaks. Kazam is best for beginners who really don’t need too many features. It is sufficient for screen recording and it can take screenshots also. We can save the screen recorded in the desired format. It has options to choose the screen you want to record and if you have multiple mics, you can choose the one you want. And also it has the option to delay the capture.

kazam best screen recorders for linux

Download stable for your distro

Install using terminal.

sudo apt install kazam

2. Simple Screen Recorder

Simple Screen Recorder is also a minimal screen recorder as the name suggests. This software is best for slower computers. If your computer is old and lacks performance it reduces its frame rate thus give a smooth working of the software. The most liked feature of a simple screen recorder is that it save profiles. which is very handy if you do a lot of screen recording. Like kazam, it can also save the recordings in the desired format and the mic source.

simple screen recorders best screen recorder for linux

Download stable for your distro

Install using terminal

sudo apt install simplescreenrecorder

3.Voko Screen

Vokoscreen is a little more feature-rich screen recorder. It has some features that kazam and simple screen recorder don’t have. The main feature that vokoscreen has is the magnification capability. It is very useful when we want to highlight a certain part of the screen. It offers many more formats and codecs. Vokoscreen has a great user interface and it is very simple to navigate between the options. Vokoscreen all other features that regular screen recorder has.

Vokoscreen best screen recorders for linux

Download stable for your distro

Install using terminal

sudo apt install vokoscreen


Gifine is yet another simple and minimalistic screen recorder. It has the feature to trim, edit the screen recorded video, or if you want to delete a specific frame you could do that too.Gifine doesn’t offer many features. You can just record the screen and edit and get the output. That’s it. You have just the option to chose either a gif or mp4 output file. We can call it a simple animated gif maker as well.

Gifine best screen recorders for linux

Gifine GitHub

Install using terminal.

Install git:

$ sudo apt install git

Next, install all of the gifine‘s dependencies and sub-dependencies:

$ sudo apt install -y \
ffmpeg \
graphicsmagick \
gifsicle \
luarocks \
libxext-dev \
libimlib2-dev \
mesa-utils \
libxrender-dev \
glew-utils \
libglm-dev \
cmake \
compiz \
gengetopt \
libglu1-mesa-dev \
libglew-dev \
libxrandr-dev \

Install LGI:

$ sudo luarocks install lgi

Install gifine.

$ sudo luarocks install --server= gifine

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5.Open Broadcaster Software Studio

OBS studio is the best screen you get for Linux systems. But it is complicated too. The software has a lot of features that might confuse beginners. It offers many features other than just screen recording and saving the file. OBS Studio allows streaming the screen directly to youtube, Dailymotion, etc. It is much more than a screen recording tool. This software has a lot of plugins, which is very useful if you know to use them. It offers filters for the video and video a also mixer for audio.IBS studio is a very advanced tool that can be used for multiple purposes.

Open Broadcaster Software Studio 
best screen recorders for linux

Download stable for your distro

Install using terminal

sudo apt install obs-studio

These are some of the best screen recorders for Linux. Each Screen recorder mention in the article has some unique features from the other. Every software has its purpose. Use one which is best suited for your workflow. I personally use OBS studio. If I missed any software please let me know in the comment. Have a good day

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