Linuxstro is a tech blog that mainly focuses on Linux Operating Systems. We publish articles on tutorials or how-to, distro reviews, best softwares for Linux, software reviews, software alternatives for Linux, Linux news, and many more. Linuxstro team always focuses on giving out the best quality and authentic content.

My name is Castro K Joseph. I am a very passionate Linux user. When I first started using Linux, I encountered a lot of errors and problems while using Linux. It was not an easy use like mac or windows. From there I started solving the errors that I encountered, thus learning a lot of new stuff. And finding the best software for the use case was also hard. This was the point where I thought of writing a blog that could help a lot of Linux users. And I Started Linuxstro.

When you heard the name Linuxstro, you might think the name is derived from two words Linux and Distro. But actually, it is not. The actual derivation is from Linux and the last three letters of my first name Castro that is ‘ tro ‘. Thus Linuxstro.

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Person Behind Linuxstro


Castro K Joseph is an engineering graduate in Computer Science and Engineering. He is very passionate about Linux and emerging technologies like Blockchain, NFT, IoT, Cyber Security, etc. He started Linuxstro.com to share the knowledge that he has on the domain and also to learn more from the community. Make sure you also be a part of the social community we have and share your knowledge as well.

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